10 Freeway Construction

In July 2015, a 50-mile stretch of the 10 freeway was shut down due to a bridge collapse that occurred during a flash flood in the Mojave Desert. The eastbound interstate collapsed and the westbound lanes were severely undermined at the site of the roadway failure in Desert Center, California. The 10 Freeway plays a critical role in providing connections to Southern California ports, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. Over 27,000 vehicles travel on the Interstate between Coachella and Arizona on a daily basis.

LaLonde worked in close association with Granite Construction to remove the initial debris caused by the bridge collapse and roadway failure. The work also included diverting westbound traffic onto an existing frontage road and creating a bypass road for eastbound traffic. Over a two week period, LaLonde sales and service staff assisted Granite Construction team members with the creation of a demolition plan and provided operated equipment on a round the clock emergency basis. These efforts enabled Granite Construction to successfully complete the cleanup and construction earlier than expected so that this critical stretch of the interstate could reopen.