LAX Runway Construction

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is in the midst of a multi-billion dollar development program for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The centerpiece of the development program is the New Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) which opened in September 2013. Additional projects include runway improvements designed to improve safety and accommodate the new large aircraft that many airlines are now flying into LAX. These improvement efforts will require the phased closure of each of LAX’s four runways during a three-year construction period.

Recently, LaLonde worked in collaboration with Griffith Company to assist in demolition of one of the existing runways. This involved breaking up concrete on the old runway and removing the resulting debris. Throughout the project, LaLonde sales and service staff consulted with Griffith team members to assess what would be required to complete the work on time. Using excavators equipped with hydraulic breakers, LaLonde equipment operators worked around the clock to efficiently remove the old runway, clear debris and prepare the site for construction of a new runway that would safely serve LAX departure and arrival operations.