Port of Long Beach Middle Harbor

The Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment project will combine two aging shipping terminals into the most technically advanced container terminal in the world. The new terminal will cut air pollution in half and provide more than twice the capacity of the two terminals it replaces. As a result of the additional cargo flowing into the port, the facility will support 14,000 new jobs in Southern California.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2015. LaLonde provided support to contractors working on demolition and recycling of existing asphalt and concrete, mass grading, and construction of a new storm drain, sewer and water utility infrastructure. During construction, LaLonde worked in partnership with Reyes Construction and DGI/Menard to support their needs for bare and operated rental equipment including excavators, backhoes and wheel loaders. The LaLonde team worked in close coordination with contractors during weekly job site visits by consulting on upcoming work phases and recommending the right machines to efficiently accomplish project tasks so that the terminal could reopen on schedule.